Our Science

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Targeting oncogenic driver mutations prevents tumor escape

Targeting KRAS and other oncogenic and viral driver mutations allows Affini-T to open a new and differentiated target space, thereby minimizing the risk of off-target toxicity, limiting potential for tumor resistance mechanisms, and enabling a durable immune response.

Proprietary TCRs are selected for highly controlled and specialized functions

Our TCR Discovery platform employs a high-throughput and validated approach to identify rare, high-affinity TCRs that unleash the immune response in solid tumors.

Engineering CD4 & CD8 T cells drives durability and persistence

Engineered CD4+ T cells engage and support therapeutic CD8+ T cells – orchestrating a coordinated and sustained immune response. We engineer CD4+ and CD8+ T cells with novel switch co-receptors, allowing greater persistence in the hostile tumor microenvironment.

Proprietary synthetic biology switches reprogram immune cells to overcome the hostile TME

We improve T cell fitness in the tumor microenvironment (TME) by leveraging immunological insights and synthetic biology to engineer novel switch receptors that convert immunosuppressive signals to stimulatory cues.

Multiplexed gene editing platform propels innovative cell therapies

We harness the power of gene editing to enable accelerated optimization of our TCR T cell therapies with groundbreaking innovations.

Our team is pioneering engineered TCR T cell therapies with cutting-edge synthetic biology and gene editing enhancements to target oncogenic driver mutations that exclusively strike all tumor cells at the core of their biology. Our therapies are empowered with a full suite of technologies designed to dramatically improve their direct and sustained serial killing in the tumor bed, proliferative survival in the hostile tumor microenvironment, and persistence for a durable response.

Affini-T’s TCR discovery platform builds on our founders’ scientific foundation and is a robust engine to identify, characterize and select potent and safe naturally occurring TCRs expressed on T cells.

Our science orchestrates a coordinated CD4/CD8 response to trigger a deeper and pronounced anti-tumor impact. Our strategy is to engineer both CD8+ and CD4+ T cells with Affini-T’s TCR and a CD8 co-receptor. Affini-T’s high-affinity TCRs recognize the peptide MHC complex while the CD8 co-receptors augment the interaction. That strategy enables CD4+ T cells to exhibit a cytotoxic response against tumor cells in addition to the CD8+ T cell response and boost CD8+ T cell function via secretion of helper cytokines (e.g., IL-2). In addition, CD4+ T cells interact with dendritic cells, which in turn can secrete IL-12 to induce an inflammatory signal that stimulates neighboring immunocytes and induces chemokines to attract additional immune cells to the tumor.

Affini-T’s innovative science and drug development teams are joining forces to make a dramatic impact on patient outcomes with the goal of bringing curative therapies to a wider population.